Uninterruptible Power Supply - Solis Energy
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Uninterruptible Power Supply

Pragmatic. Dependable. Urgent.

It pays to expect the unexpected. With the help of Solis Energy’s Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), your grid-powered applications will have reliable battery backup power in case of an unplanned outage. In the event of a blackout, brownout or power dip, the UPS will keep your devices on short-term power until regular grid power is restored. The UPS is a fitting solution for security applications such as electronic keypads and locks, smart grids and industrial control systems installed in areas prone to harsh weather events, and any installation where continuous power is not only urgent, but necessary.



Like the other products in our suite, the UPS is built to last and can power your devices in harsh weather and extreme temperature conditions. We build our systems around your environment.


The quality of our UPS components and enclosures ensures a long system life in any climate or location.


How long the UPS can last in a power dip is up to you, be it for a few hours or half a day. Base configurations offer 120/240 AC power input, a wide temperature range (−4 – 140ºF, −20 – 60ºC) and multiple mounting options including pole, tower, pedestal and wall.

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