Solar Power Plant - Solis Energy
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Solar Power Plant

Practical. Clean. Off-grid.

No grid power? No problem. Solis Energy’s Solar Power Plants (SPP) deliver immediate, reliable, solar generated electricity to your low-wattage applications – anytime and anywhere. Perfect for remote installments where trenching is too costly or impractical, or in environmentally volatile areas prone to disturbances like earthquakes. Our SPPs are ideal for remote wireless networking and communications, security applications such as perimeter surveillance and access control, smart grid and metering infrastructure, telemetry equipment, and more.



Like the other products in our suite, the SPP is built to last and can power your devices in harsh weather and extreme temperature conditions; SPPs have been successfully installed and are operating in environments including but not limited to wetlands, deserts, and mountains.


The quality of our SPP panel, components, and battery enclosures ensures a long system life in any climate or location.


We build our SPPs to your needs based on load and sun hours available at the proposed location for the installation. Effectively power your equipment via 12/24/48 VDC, Power over Ethernet or inverter supplied AC.

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