Light Pole Power Tap - Solis Energy
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Light Pole Power Tap

Convenient. Adaptable. Straightforward.

Sometimes the best location for an installation is at the top of a light pole. To eliminate the need to run wires up and down the pole for power, Solis Energy has a variety of Light Pole Power Taps (LPT) that provides AC power to your device by tapping into the electrical circuit used to power parking lot or street lights. The LPT can be installed on any electric light fixture with a standard photocontrol light sensing receptacle and does not interfere with normal operation of the light fixture. Perfect for use with pole-mounted cameras for security or traffic monitoring, Wi-Fi radios, and more. Solis Energy offers a variety of LPT types, including the LPT 130 (molded 115V outlet), LPT 135 (4 pin industrial connector), LPT 131 (unterminated power cord), and the LPT 138 (converts AC to Power over Ethernet, view brochure HERE!).



Like the other products in our suite, the LPT is built to last and can power your devices in harsh weather and extreme temperature conditions.


The quality of our LPT components ensures a long system life in any climate or location.


In addition to our multiple models of LPT, cord length is able to be customized. Contact our sales representatives for additional needs regarding the LPT.

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