Uninterruptible Power for Perimeter Security & Surveillance - Solis Energy
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Uninterruptible Power for Perimeter Security & Surveillance

A regional airport in Central Florida was facing significant issues with their perimeter security, including trespassing, theft and reliable power to electronic keypads and magnetic locks (gate access controls). Unauthorized aircraft were able to land undetected on the airfield at night, strip equipment off grounded planes, and then leave without being identified or apprehended by security. Additionally, electronic gates along the perimeter of the airport often lost power, allowing unauthorized ground access to the airport property. Since the closest grid power source was a quarter mile away, Solis Energy’s Solar Power Plants were used to power the cameras. For the issue of inconsistent power to the gates Solis Energy’s Uninterruptible Power Supplies were installed in case of an unanticipated power dip.


A Central Florida regional airport


To provide continuous power to surveillance cameras and security gates surrounding the airport’s perimeter, preventing unauthorized landings and trespassing


Solis Energy’s Solar Power Plants and Uninterruptible Power Supplies provide power to security gates and cameras


Airport has cameras running 24/7 to provide views of all runways and power is guaranteed to keep perimeter security gates locked

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