Increasing Infrastructure Efficiency With A Smart Grid - Solis Energy
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Increasing Infrastructure Efficiency with a Smart Grid

A large, multi-state electric utility company installed smart grid technology throughout its power network to better serve their customers, improve the efficiency of its infrastructure, and better monitor energy production and consumption. However, the smart grid communication network required back up power so it could transmit information to response coordinators in the event of a power outage or any other unexpected gap in power. After careful consideration, Solis Energy’s Uninterruptible Power Supplies were chosen to fill this critical role because of their reliability and cost-effectiveness.


A large scale electric and gas utility serving over 750,000 customers


To find a cost-effective way to ensure that can’t-fail smart grid communications network remains powered at all times


Solis Energy’s Uninterruptible Power Supplies provide reliable and low-maintenance backup power to the smart grid technology


Approximately 400 UPS devices are deployed and monitor power production, customer consumption, and service outages without cost increases to customers

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