Remote Water Management Security and Safety - Solis Energy
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Remote Water Management Security and Safety

A regional governmental agency supervised by the Department of Environmental Protection uses retention ponds to capture, control and provide water, on demand, between various areas for water supply and flood protection. The field station oversees a total water conveyance system and utilizes an industrial pumping system that quickly moves large amounts of water to and from retention ponds and waterways, but the pumps are turned on and off “blindly” from off-site switching locations, creating a need for remote security. To prevent harm to any animals in front of or around the large pumps, or to people exploring the area without permission, Solis Energy was brought in to provide power to surveillance cameras and wireless radios around the pumps in case of an unanticipated power dip, creating a reliable, off-grid remote security system.


A regional water management district


To provide continuous power to surveillance cameras and wireless equipment used to transmit data back to the Network Operations Center


Solis Energy supplies Solar Power Plants to power the cameras and radios without using grid power


Consistently powered cameras and radios transmit data and video from area greatly reducing the risk of harm from the pumps

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