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Power over Ethernet for Specialized Wi-Fi Radios

An RV park in Texas wanted to install ubiquitous wireless internet access points for their residents and guests. Frontera Consulting, a wireless consulting and integration company, was subsequently brought in to install Ruckus Wireless radios. The radios were to be installed at the top of the light poles around the park, but the radios would only accept Power over Ethernet and not AC or DC power. Therefore, the power would need to be converted. To solve both the challenges of delivering power to the top of a light pole and converting it to Power over Ethernet, Solis Energy’s specially designed LPT 138s were utilized to provide reliable Power over Ethernet to the radios and, subsequently, wireless internet for patrons of the park.


An RV park in the Rio Grande Valley, TX


To power Wi-Fi radios on grid-powered light poles with Power over Ethernet


Solis Energy provides LPT 138 light pole power taps to convert power to PoE without having to run wires up and down the pole


Over 100 LPT 138s are quickly and easily installed at the park, “a real pleasure to work with” testifies Drew Lentz of Frontera Consulting

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