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As ubiquitous wireless coverage becomes the norm, consumers and businesses are demanding a broader range of reliable access to wireless applications. Whether it’s a smart grid, a Wi-Fi access point, or any telecommunications device, enhancements and innovations in wireless accessories and systems are growing in scale while still needing power, no matter where they may be.

How can Solis Energy help? Our solutions can power your telecommunications needs anytime and anywhere. From the top of a light pole to a remote, off-grid site, Solis Energy’s solar power plants, light pole power taps, continuous power bridges and uninterruptible power supplies ensure that your systems are receiving the power they need. PoE components, transformers and other accessories are also available.

Security and Surveillance

Key components to a good security design include IP cameras that can generate digital video images, scalable monitoring and recording software, a  broadband network and clean reliable power.  Effective design includes locating the cameras where they provide the optimum view and working when they are needed not just under optimum conditions.

How can Solis Energy help? Whether it is along a perimeter fence line, attached to a street light or law enforcement’s hidden surveillance cameras in high crime areas, Solis Energy specializes in performance-proven power products for all video surveillance applications.  Solis Energy’s rugged and reliable products are a critical part of the security and surveillance infrastructures for airports, power plants, port and border security, parking facilities, and many more.

Industrial Controls and Smart Grids

Electric, water and gas utilities are expanding past just advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) to a truly Smart Grid. The underlying infrastructure needed to deploy a Smart Grid is an information and management network to transmit the data being collected. This network must be impervious to the surges, sags, brown outs and blackouts of the power grid itself. Outages in the communications infrastructure that delivers smart grid data can cripple its value and effectiveness. Backup power systems need to be in place in order to ensure that daily operations keep running. Additionally, power is often not available in an appropriate format to power many of the sensors required to monitor the status of the power grid. 

How can Solis Energy help? Solis Energy’s UPS and Solar solutions are being deployed as part of Smart Grid deployments across the U.S.  Solis Energy’s rugged and reliable design make them critical components in a total Smart Grid design. Having power wherever and whenever you need it puts everyone at ease. It not only allows the utility companies to perform better, but also allows consumers and industries dependent on power from the electric grid to benefit as well.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) are used to address transportation problems using advanced communication and computer technology to improve safety, efficiency, mobility and productivity to address problems and enhance the movement of people and products.

ITS facilitates auto navigation, traffic signal control, container management, variable message signs, surveillance cameras and automated license plate recognition. More advanced systems integrate real time data to include travel guidance, weather information, bridge de-icing systems and more.

How can Solis Energy help?  The underlying infrastructure for ITS require uninterrupted transmission of precise, dependable data.  Solis Energy’s Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)  and Solar Power Plant (SPP) solutions are critical components in a total ITS design. Their rugged and reliable design provides continuous power in the most demanding environments.

Railway Transportation Controls

Freight and passenger trains are vital to a thriving rail transportation system. Keeping your travelers and cargo moving safely and efficiently requires many critical systems along the way, making access to reliable power integral to proper operation.

How can Solis Energy help? Our remote, off-grid power solutions and our battery backup systems can keep your devices running around the clock. From yard security to passenger Wi-Fi, Solis Energy has solutions to make sure your railway transportation controls and infrastructures stay on track, no matter what.

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